There is no ‘day after’.

Today is the day after the terrible sad attacks in Brussels. I think of all those ‘day afters’. I’m beginning to wonder when the first ‘day after’ was. I realize that a ‘day after’ doesn’t exist.

We are born to die eventually and our main goal is to survive as long as possible. We can’t always control the length of that road we walk on. We do however have a choice in which manner we walk upon that road.

You can also choose to try to understand your neighbor in this world. Is it only wanting power? The control to dertemine how others think or what they believe, why people fight each other?

Acknowledge and accept that we are different, we each have our own interpretation of what peace is, a ‘day after’ doesn’t exist. The past, present and future are inevitable linked.

Should we just be less involved with each other? Retreat to your own little realized world, a Dreampack and ignore what’s happening at this planet? If we all would do that, we surely wouldn’t be able to get into conflict.

If only it were that simple, but it just isn’t. We need each other to keep the earth spinning. Literally and figuratively. Without each other we can’t realize small Dreampacks which together form a large Dreampack.

I remember my own written words, intention at the beginning of this year:

“Live in the now, with the wisdom of the past, with one eye on the future. A future that we all can make happier, more loving, more positive.”

Without understanding and acceptance of one another, daring to agree that you disagree, granting each other an own elected Dreampack, continue to fight each other instead of peacefully living alongside each other…

There will never be a ‘day after’.


N.B. I’m a in Dutch thinking soul, living in Germany, therefore my English will not be perfect.


4 thoughts on “There is no ‘day after’.

  1. That’s a beautiful line! – “Live in the now, with the wisdom of the past, with one eye on the future. A future that we all can make happier, more loving, more positive.”
    Oh my! This is going to be stuck in my head for quite a while, might inspire me to a post myself. And yes, i think if people focus more on themselves rather than others then they will have the ability of becoming the best version of themselves. I just read now, Dutch, living in Germany.. I See. Cheers Bud! Splendid Post – Cezane

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