I kill flies

Continuously looking for a good balance between natural life in and with the 21st century, I like to use both traditional methods and modern techniques. That includes controlling pests in and around our Dreampack. Lately we have nuisance of flies; beside being very annoyingly attacking our food while trying to eat it, our youngest dog prefers to jump on top of the furniture to catch them and worse, flies are spreaders of disease.
After having used all kinds of natural repellents such as lemon candles, bowls filled with water and cloves, cleaning with vinegar, etc., we started to use the ugly adhesive ribbon which many of you probably remember from his or her grandparents.

A sticky strip like that is effective, but rather lugubrious. Once a fly is sitting down, it’s stuck and will not be able to get away anymore. Well, I don’t like to consider myself as a murderer and certainly not as a sadist; a few times a day I look at the ribbon and when I notice a fly frantically attempting to get away, I will relieve it from suffering with the back of a spoon or something similar. A bug invading my territory polluting it and -more importantly- infect us with diseases will have flown his last flight.

So I’m a murderer, apparently at the same time animal-friendly. The fly-strip, first put on the market in the last century, is nowadays made with natural ingredients, no longer with insecticide. “Great!” many opponents of the use of pesticides will think. Personally, I am especially pleased with the evidence that ancient knowledge can be combined with modern technology.

I’m not as pleased regarding the mud throwing at large companies which produce pesticides (insecticides, herbicides, fungicides), by people who do not bother to inform themselves well about this topic. We hear or read “pesticide is poison”, poison is bad, therefore the company is bad. Then we follow blindly organizations which state the same, feeling we’re doing well for our globe. I’m getting cranky whenever I read such statements. I wrote it before and I will continue to write this:

“It is not all black and white !!!”

Every morning I eat a banana with my youngest dog, conveniently forgetting (and how many of you with me), that banana is sprayed all over with awful scary substances. Pesticides are indeed categorized as poison and yes, you should not want those applied anywhere. At the same time, I am also realistic and I fully realize, we can’t feed over 7 billion people with vegetables cultivated by my simple house-kitchen-garden-method.
What’s also conveniently forgotten by many people: cultivating fruit and vegetables (as well as meat, fish, seeds) can’t be done without money, food doesn’t miraculously grow anywhere spontaneously. Well, not any more in 21st century, where most people live and eat.
Nowadays we fortunately have access to great techniques, which we can use to keep on feeding so many people. Companies contribute to the development of these techniques not only financially, but also through their employees. People like you and me, always searching for healthy methods for our world, to continue being able to feed all of us.


However, for years now businesses are accused of conflict of interests when it comes to research. I am convinced that this happens. As for pesticides, it really is a different story. Glyphosate, hot topic recently, is one of those and is possibly carcinogenic. Recent research suggests the opposite, but you should ignore the outcome of that report, since it is paid indirectly by such a poison-producing company.

True. Shouldn’t be allowed?

A company like that invests over 200 million (euro) per year in, inter alia, research and analysis, before they may launch a product safely on the market. As well in studies in order to make it possible to grow vegetable in areas, previously impossible in terms of climate. THIS kind of information I never read in all those articles with the intention to awake us and, maybe even more, to point to those nasty ugly multinationals. Pay more for our food, higher taxes, we don’t want to. Well … who else should pay these essential researches?

Politic, the scapegoat?

Food not always ending up at the right places, we can’t blame companies. For that you have to look at those who govern our country. Yeah, political fools. Let’s proclaim those idiots as scapegoats.
Sorry, again I can’t agree with you on this. Thanks to governors, companies must meet a lot of strict laws, before a pesticide may be put on the market. A long process precedes this.

I wonder how many people are aware of the fact, destroying weeds with vinegar and / or potato cooking water is just as toxic – and perhaps even more toxic – as the use of pesticides, due to the much higher concentration that you use by pouring it out in your garden. Vinegar, pure, you may not even use for that purpose. Nowadays, pesticides are produced therefore in such way that you can use the lowest possible dose. Using modern techniques (again, co-paid and / or developed by the same companies), you don’t need to spray an entire field, but only the plant and / or the pests themselves.


If you believe a product like RoundUp is sold, because people were protesting, think again. Yes, we need to continue shaking up our fellow human beings (including politicians, companies, etc.), continue to remind them of their responsibilities. At the same time, you should put in a little more trust in fellow human beings. Rely on their knowledge and don’t forget, they also like to live in a safe and healthy planet.

Should we just simply continue to believe everything politicians, companies, scientists, etc. tell us? Of course not! But! it would be fair, before running after some slogans like a headless chicken (hmm, maybe not such a convenient choice of words), to deepen your knowledge by available information. Can we also (I repeat it again) please remember, they are just like you and me, people working for their bread (or gluten-free meal)?!

Companies like Monsanto and Bayer (No, NO, take-over is not happening yet, so far only an unsolicited bid has been made and been rejected) publish results of research on their websites, positive AND negative outcomes. You can read extensively to which strict legislation and regulations they must adhere and how much they invest -money, knowledge and time- to produce a product as good as possible for the world. Did you know, these companies also put organic products on the market? That even valuable tips are available on their sites, with information how to contribute to a healthier world yourself?

But, but! It could be better, right?

Sure it can! Thanks to research and faster communication today, we now know much more than years ago. Fruit and vegetables grown in the traditional way without the use of pesticides, using modern techniques, for more than 7 billion people is absolutely realizable. Natural life in and with the 21st century is possible. We ALL have to be willing to pay more for the same fruits and vegetables.

Still in need of a scapegoat?

Look in the mirror! How many of you dear readers click on my links, added below this article? Look beyond the obvious? Vote in elections? Let their voice be heard at referendums? Are investing money, time and energy in the available modern technologies, which make our world healthier?  Are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products, organically grown fruits and vegetables?

Maybe you also shouldn’t believe me.

I kill flies.




N.B. I’m a in Dutch thinking soul, living in Germany, therefore my English will not be perfect.
This post in Dutch: click

Sources: All out there on the internet. For your convenience some of my sources:


10 thoughts on “I kill flies

  1. These things are indeed complicated. Anything that gets people thinking, as this post does, is important. I too struggle with flies – fat ones that bite through clothes & my dogs’ fur! I am fish-itarian & hardly hate to kill anything. If I find a bug in the house, I often capture it & toss it outside. Lately, however, we’ve been having issues with rats. Argh! They eat from our fruit trees, taking only bites & the rest to rot. In addition, my youngest dog spends much time chasing them & barking at them, which annoys the neighbors. Going back to your post – the important thing is that we keep thinking, keep doing our best, & keep trying to find better & better ways.

    Liked by 2 people

    • “we keep thinking, keep doing our best, & keep trying to find better & better ways.” Yes, that’s the main goal of this post 😉


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