“Dreampacks: dogs in Germany and the Netherlands,” by Patty Wolters

Daal of https://happinessbetweentails.wordpress.com/ asked me to write a guestblog 🙂

Happiness Between Tails by da-AL

Another guest post to delight you, welcome reader, in Patty’s exact words …

Dutch expression

“Zo eerlijk als een hond zijn.”

English translation

“Being as honest as a dog,” meaning that a dog does not lie. Either he likes you or he just doesn’t.

Hello dear neighbors, readers of the beautiful blog of Daal,

Daal asked me to write a post about our customs regarding pets. Since that is a broad subject, I narrowed it down to dogs. Let me first tell you a little bit about me 😉

Dreampacks, dogs, and farmingPatty and her Dreampack. Click for a new tab to her Dutch website.

I’m a Dutch soul living in Germany due to my husband’s work. I live with my Dreampack, my hubby and two dogs, in our Dreampack, a farmhouse with a garden and a closed yard.

A Dreampack, is for me a way of life.

One in which, in…

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