Review Ebook (2)

Last week I posted a short message:

“My dear friends at Psychedelic Bay have written an E-book with – in their own words – “Unseen Blogging Tips for Absolute Quick Success”. If you want to be noticed all over the world, this info could be handy. So, I promised to review and share my findings. I decided to not only read it, but also follow up on their tips and will inform you, if it works.

It worked for them, so it should for me 😉

Don’t want to wait for my findings? Get your copy here: E-book

You don’t need (more) tips? Maybe you can buy it anyway, to help Michelle and Cezane reach their beautiful goals: “We wish to conquer the world with humanity.” Read more: here.

Monday June 20, 2016 I will start testing and sharing my progress 😉  “

Time for my review 😉

Although Cezane and Michelle are dear friends, I will be honest and I know that’s what they expect.

The book contains eleven pages and it’s written in their unique way of using words. It is in English, so I had to re-read some phrases, since English is not my native language 😉

The e-book is user friendly, the included examples prove their tips&tricks will work.
Possibly you will find similar tips somewhere on the Internet, this book will save you a lot of time regarding doing your own research.

I didn’t resonate with all of the tips&tricks. Before you get your copy of this e-book, you should think first why your are blogging. If it’s a hobby, then you don’t need this book. However, if you have a message you want to spread around the world and you want to do that fast, then the steps described in the book will help you reach that goal.

Maybe you don’t want to pay 5 euro’s (3.99 pounds) for eleven pages; I believe this e-book is worth that amount, if:

– You are a blogger who wants to achieve quick success in the Blogosphere.
– You have the time to implement their tips&tricks.

Like I wrote last week; maybe you don’t want or need these tips&tricks at all. Please be so kind and consider to get a copy anyway…to contribute to their beautiful cause: “We wish to conquer the world with humanity.”  Read more: here.

Since I’m already so behind in writing new blogs, reading the art of fellow bloggers, I decided to start implementing the tips&tricks another time 😉
N.B. I’m a in Dutch thinking soul, living in Germany, therefore my English will not be perfect.


One thought on “Review Ebook (2)

  1. Patty, thank you so much for this! We really appreciate you taking the time to review our eBook. You’re a star ^^ thanks again! – Michelle

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