7 Tips on Building Audience for your Blog

Dr. Gulara wrote a post with great advice for you bloggers.

Gulara Vincent, PhD


I’ve been reflecting on my blogging journey recently and came up with a handful of tips which I thought some people may find useful.

  1. Decide on your big ‘why’ in advance. It may seem obvious but getting clear on this question can inform your overall approach to blogging. Do you blog to entertain? To express yourself? For example, PsychedelicBay, one of the blogs I follow, aims to reach readers in every country on every continent. They produce a lot of content, visit many blogs and their stats are booming. I also know many bloggers who have a specific message and their goal is to share it with like-minded people. Norah Colvin has amazing early learning resources and no matter what she writes about her passion for young children’s learning shines through. Your ‘why’ informs ‘what’ your produce and who may be your ideal reader.
  2. Decide on the frequency of your…

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