When one door closes…

Last week I decided to quit my account at MyTrendingStories, since it didn’t suit me. Since then I’ve been working at my page ‘Beautiful Souls‘ and added introductions, well, of beautiful souls who are also writing/blogging.
Still need to add a lot of beautiful souls, but it’s fun to do and I catching up reading their posts at the same time 🙂

I received another award; the Liebster Award, not just once…twice! Which means I should answer 22 questions. You know me by now, I’m a Mimosa Pudica (een Kruidje-roer-me-nietje) so maybe I will follow up on this later, maybe not 😉
Of course I am! honored and thanking the beautiful souls and passing on this award, which you can find about here: Awards

To find out what I’ve been up to in my own Dreampack? It’s in Dutch, but there are photos too.
Promise, the last time during this post: click 🙂

Is it also an expression in English; when one door closes, another one opens ? For me it did happen, again, this week.
Do you ever feel lost, among all those lovely neighbors feeling alone, in need of an listening ear?
Soon, very soon there will be someone out there for you at Psychedelic Bay
Curious? Go visit Michelle&Cezane at their blog, click follow and

stay tuned 😉

10 thoughts on “When one door closes…

    • Hi Katherin,
      Well, for me it was taken up to much time, to also post @ MTS 😉
      Since I still receive emails, they haven’t removed my account yet, I also got the last email. I think they want to compete with WordPress, Blogloving, etc. and aiming to become bigger. That’s fine, but I’m gonna stick with the WordPress tribe, since it is more then enough for me.
      If one would like to reach a bigger audience, they should also go to MTS; however to stand out there among all those other authors, you have to invest a lot of time.
      What I personally don’t like; they never answered my questions regarding who is behind MTS and there isn’t a way to connect with other authors, which I thought was a goal. But that could change in the future, I don’t now.
      Have a lovely Sunday, XxX

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