…another one opens

Maybe you have read my post last week When one door closes…another one opens. This week a door opened, another was slammed shut and it still hurts. Still not sure, if that door will be opened up again… Join me in my short retrospection:

Saturday another, if I can say so myself, beautiful collaboration of the Strix was released:
Time Travel.

Monday, or was it already Tuesday? a marvelous writer/poet accepted my invitation to collaborate with me. He/she challenged me to write together a poem about my chosen topic. It’s a delicate subject, so we’re taking our time…Especially since English is not my native language; very honored to work with one of the best, here at the blog-sphere. That’s all I am going to give away for now, so stay tuned 😉

Maybe you already noticed; the tribe of WordPress lost a beautiful couple, who decided to separate and to walk on different paths since yesterday. This was not only a shock to me, but also for the team, the art-family the Strix. I am sure it is a shock to many of you dear readers too. 😦
The other five beautiful souls are digesting this news and trying to grasp reality again. As soon as we decided if and how we will continue…well, I will let you know.

“Dear C&M, our thoughts are with both of you during these sad and difficult times!
Maybe your paths will cross again, maybe not, wishing you the best and more.

Always in our hearts, your art-family is here, whenever you need us. XxX “



5 thoughts on “…another one opens

  1. When it hurts too much, just leave the door shut and maybe it isn’t even necessary to open it again, because the one who has opened already brings you accently what you need 🙂 xx

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    • Thanks Daal. Well, I don’t know about the intelligently part…very hard for an inpatient person to wait until others have had enough time to digest 😉 Really don’t want to pressure anyone, at the same time don’t want to lose the art-team…

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