The Strix – Announcement

The Strix was a group of six talented bloggers who came together to stand as a one big happy family. The unconditional love within the six is endless, as much as it is powerful.

We use art to express what’s real, whilst each individual rises to ideal.
The Strix were made up of six souls, who rose from ashes to man and from man to stars
that still will  appear during the day in the presence of the sun.

To do seemingly the impossible by reaching out to every soul in the world, like the sun does during the day.

The Six Soul’s included:

Cezane and Michelle
Emily Clapper – Poet Girl Em
Patty Wolters – Kruidje-Roer-Me-Niet
Alpe John – The Juandering Artist
Zigyasa Kakkar – mySestina
Kashaf Shaikh – A Word Warriors Blog

As of today, July 24 2016, we decided to connect with you through art individually.
Some of us will occasionally collaborate in future.  



4 thoughts on “The Strix – Announcement

Looking forward to connect with my neighbors !

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