Religion cursing Humanity

Although I don’t believe in (a) God, this piece of art is a must read…for those who do and don’t believe…
And do read this one too!


living in a world so broken

where religion breaking the backbone

that was once developed, built by love

was religion ever meant, to follow dear God?

I ask every heart with hatred

fail to understand the need to kill

Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Sikh

were they all not born

with two eyes, two hands, and a heart

A Church, a Temple or a Mosque

don’t they all hold the same peace

aren’t they all sacred the same way

don’t they all stay in our hearts

why in the name of God

souls are driven by cruelty

bright red color of our blood

gradually turning into black

its smooth flow to our hearts

fenced, stuck

our eyes refusing to see the truth

how could we believe only in lies

senselessly replacing love

with the poison of religion

don’t we belong to humanity

are we all not human

time has come to stand up…

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12 thoughts on “Religion cursing Humanity

  1. Great post! Religion is a very, v e r y sensitive topic! I never feel comfortable talking about it and try to avoid it… don´t want to step on any toes 😉 But I am interested in all religions from an academic point of view so to speak. If I had to choose, I think I would go for Buddhism though. 🙂

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