Lets’ get real

During my holiday I’ve read a lot of poetry, articles, thoughts and other beautiful writings here in the blogworld. Trying to keep up is hard, even when you have more free time. As of tomorrow I will start working at my page Beautiful Souls again and start adding the next twenty beautiful souls I follow. In all reality; it is impossible to keep up with everyone who is following me, so again; this is my way to acknowledge you dear follower and show you my gratitude.

In between enjoying the extra free time, assisting my hubby by rebuilding our kitchen and repairing our car (which I will write about in a different post), playing with our two dogs, reading, watching favorite TV-programs, and other stuff I have been working with my soul-brother Cezane at his new website. Yes, he is back in the blogworld  and I think I am the second-most-happy-woman about this 🙂 Proud to present here at my blog: CezaneConnects

Another thing I am really excited about (and proud of ! ) and you may have missed it; The Strix posted another collaboration again! Reborn

I came across a beautiful and inspiring quote:


It helped me to create a place in my soul for some people I still miss, but can’t be around, since it is destructive for me as a person. And if those persons could get real, they would agree it is better for them too. As hard as it is, if the balance of a relationship – any relationship – is more negative then positive, it’s better to get realistic and go on at different paths thru life. To me that is also an act of love.

Finally I would like to address the following:

I read a lot of poetry and I noticed there are a lot of beautiful souls in pain, feeling lost and ironically (is that the correct word?) they wright the most beautiful poems. Now and then I also read the comment section. What shocked me; how careless people can respond. So, being a Mimosa Pudica, couldn’t help myself and responded to one of those comments:

“Maybe we should stop telling each other what to do, or what not to…
Never ever judge a person’s feelings, I think you can relate to that.
Since live is given to us, it’s a gift to keep or to throw away.
If someone needs a time out, or even end it all, that’s ones right to do.
It is not giving up, it is taking control over your own soul.”

Giving advice, trying to help is a beautiful intent, hence I do it on a daily basis. And yes, I do understand the wanting-to-rescue/help someone, more then you know. However, at the same time there are subjects which are very delicate and some words/advice could be just the wrong thing to say. Even can put someone literally over the edge. So please be careful, before you’re going to be someone’s hero.

By the way…I use the wink-smiley also often to soften my own words, not to offend someone!
So before anyone starts disliking another person, ask first how a word, phrase, comment, etc is intended. Lets get real again; you don’t have to like me, I don’t like every neighbor at this globe either, but give a person a chance first.

What is good for me, doesn’t have to be good for you and vice versa.
We are all unique human beings, beautiful in our own specific way.

Lets all get real; be fair, transparent and not judgmental, and most of all:

Be honest towards others and with yourself.


N.B. I’m a Dutch soul, living in Germany, therefore my English will not be perfect😉


18 thoughts on “Lets’ get real

  1. I missed being here at your blog! Like an artist who moulds the clay to form a beaute of a shape… with the presence of you sister, the beaute within me is shaped for the world to stop and stare in amusement some day.☺

    Second most happiest,..Okay. Check your chat 😄

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  2. Beautiful post, Patty, so much introspection about the world and its people. It’s interesting that people who experience the inner pain can channel beautiful poems and prose. It reminded me of the quote by Rumi “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

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  3. a lesson given without much to think anymore…yes sometimes our forwarding hand for right reason at wrong time can make things bitter….so very grateful to you soul sister for this post.

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  4. This is such a very beautiful post, Patty!! Thank you so much for sharing your insight of human nature, you always bring things to a point (not sure if that´s how you say it in english but it is in german 😉 ). And I couldn´t agree more with what you´ve said!! Love, Sarah 🙂 xxxxx

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