I think I am not that beautiful

This morning I woke up, turned on the news at our television and watched the sad feelings I had over the last couple of weeks being confirmed. My first reaction I posted at Facebook:

zwarte-vlagIS, BREXIT, Extreme right increasing, and now Trump.
The world divided.
It feels like another black day in history.
Sadness in my heart and soul.

After doing some daily household chores, playing a little with our youngest dog, publishing a new challenge at The Strix Blog, preparing a new batch of healthy stock a question popped up into my head:

Why did we let this happen?

Sad and mad at the same time watching the increase of intolerance, racism, violence an old feeling awoke: wanting to just run away to an abandoned island and leave my neighbors at this globe suck it all up their selves. However, I am a Mimosa Pudica, my brain threads keeps on rolling and the next thought I had:

Am I kidding myself?

As long as I can remember I wanted to do something for our world. Help the globe heal, the creatures on it. Even this year I started a section at my blog ‘Beautiful Souls’ to show the world, there are still beautiful souls among us. We humans aren’t all at war, discriminating, hurting each other. There a still people who care for the neighbor next to them, regardless their believes, opinions.

I think I am not that beautiful.

People who are voting for, in my eyes, extreme right persons. People who discriminate. People who turn to senseless violence. Hence, even my own mother who thinks it is ok to hurt me to my core and not even apologize for it. They are all not welcome in my home, my Dreampack.
How can we ever unite, let love conquer, create a better world with people like these in it? Maybe I am not that beautiful too, since I closed the door for those people.

Since I stopped hearing their voices. Stopped listening to their feelings.

So much easier to just tell myself those people are idiots, just plain evil and not worthy of my time. However, isn’t that exactly why we are, were we are today? In stead of showing these people the door, telling them they are crazy, shouldn’t we start listening? Hearing why they are so mad, sad, unsatisfied? Why they want to hurt you and me?

We don’t have to agree with one and another. We should stay open to different opinions and feelings. I tell you my readers this all the time. Maybe I start following my own advice again tomorrow. For today,

I think I am not that beautiful…

N.B. I’m a Dutch soul, living in Germany, therefore my English will not be perfect 😉


29 thoughts on “I think I am not that beautiful

  1. Patty, this is a great point. What I fear is that the conversation and hearing is always one-sided. I’ve asked two Trump supporters why they voted for him (one on my blog and another on FB). Neither answered. I would love to find out why half of America felt Trump and his values were worthy of his presidency, but I can’t quite get an answer from “real” voters. I digress. I like what you’ve written here; we have to remain hopeful.

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    • Thank you for reading and your compliment dear Katherin. What I also don’t understand why ‘the World’ seem to want to go backwards instead of forward…Back to nature, back to ‘the good old days’, back to blaming everyone that’s not on ‘your side’…We can’t go back, those old days weren’t that good, and lets all take a better look in the mirror.
      Yes, hopeful we have to remain that, but it’s getting harder and harder…

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  2. I believe there are more good people than bad in the world. We hear more about the bad because it seems that’s what our society gravitates towards. Your piece reminded me of a thought I had not that long ago concerning my mother who was recently put into a nursing home with Alzheimer’s. Her and I have had a very contentious relationship since I was a child yet once I became an adult, every time she needed me I was there for her. My thought was this: The person she is has nothing to do with the person I am and this is why I always had to be there for her. Doing the right thing is far more important to me than the strife we share.

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    • Thanks for taking the time to read and comment dear Steph. Each story is different since we are all unique human beings and I my case, regarding the relationship between my mother and I, we are both better off with out each other 😉

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      • It’s so strange to me because when I was growing up I thought I had the worst mother/daughter relationship but as I got older it seems more often than not, there are far more dysfunctional families than what we might consider normal. It’s no comfort though because I believe of all people children should be protected from abuse but sadly far too often they are the innocent victims of parents and/or guardians who are not equipped to handle them.

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        • Indeed, it is very sad Steph. I think that’s also one of the reasons I started my Beautiful Soul page…even if your own family consists, well how do I put it nicely…consists of not so nice people, that doesn’t mean you have to be/feel alone and there are people out there, who share the same values.

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  3. Very nice article ma’am. It is nice to get to know you a little bit, I like the conscience you have on your shoulders. I hope that through some time we will get to speak with each other some and maybe even learn a few things from each other. For now, Shalom.


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  4. It is a difficult time indeed. The hardest I have ever been through as a US citizen. I can only hope that somehow, someway, the good takes over and makes everything better. Sounds so simplistic to put it that way but I am pretty much to the point where that is all I have left to pin my hopes on.

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    • You know, living in Europe isn’t that fun either these days, however we don’t have ‘a Trump’ in the Netherlands and Germany yet, and I think that’s hopeful.
      One of the reasons I love ‘blogland’; the possibility to connect with similar minded beautiful souls, to keep reaching out to one and another, to keep inspiring each other to ‘hang on’ . I believe its up to us bloggers to keep telling, it can be better, it’s a choice we have to choose.
      Thank you for visiting me and connecting with me, much appreciated! XxX


Looking forward to connect with my neighbors !

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