Beautiful souls and awards

Almost a month ago I notified you dear readers about my new plans for my website/blog! Since then I have been working with and for The Strix, wrote another poem with my dear friend Manuel and my own Dreampack kept me quite busy. Update on the last will follow soon, but first I really wanted, needed and therefore had to update my Beautiful Souls page.

Over the last couple of months I received Awards again! It makes me happy like a young child opening her presents: visualize a big smile on my face and my eyes sparkling and sometimes even tearing up. Always so touched being nominated by fellow bloggers. Curious which ones I received so far? Click here 😉

I have to catch up on so many blogs of beautiful souls I already did follow, and those who I started to follow recently, I decided to stop passing on these Awards. As much as I want to, I just can’t do all I wish I could do (yes, it has, as always, to do with getting enough sleep and a day has to little hours), and answering all the questions attached to these awards…For me an impossible challenge to fulfill.

However, I do recognize the importance of acknowledgement, so as of today I am adding Beautiful Souls I find here in Blogland again and my goal is to add two beautiful souls at once, each day.

Manuel, challenged me several months ago for a Three Day Quote Challenge. I love challenges and although this also took me a while, I will follow up on this soon too. That’s a promise dear friend and you know by now; it can take some time, but I keep my promises 😉

So, yeah, can’t complain about having nothing to do, hahaha. You know, I won’t. And I will not complain about having too much to do either! Being able to do what I love to do at all, that’s a privilege I cherish deeply within my heart, my soul.

Thank you all dear readers and fellow bloggers for your patience, for your ongoing support, for inspiring me on a daily basis. These days staying hopeful seems to get harder and harder, with all what is currently going on our globe. Therefore, again, I want…I need to update my Beautiful Souls page…to show the World…they do exist.

Beautiful souls are! out there, waiting for you to connect with them. Like me, wanting to keep hope alive and keep this magnificent Earth we live on a peaceful place for ALL our neighbors.


25 thoughts on “Beautiful souls and awards

  1. I know how it is with those awards, Patty! There are so many and I´m also always excited about them but seem never to be able to find the time to actually do them! 🙂 And you´re right again, it really is difficult to do everything and not enough time to do it 😉 Days really should be longer… xxxxxx

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Looking forward to connect with my neighbors !

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