Don’t wait for tomorrow

Struggling lately with getting myself motivated to…to do anything at all, recently I decided to go for a different approach. In stead of being frustrated (useless), tear down myself for my lack of discipline (useless), trying to control the flow of life (useless) and being a cranky bitch (oh so useless) I just be. Be whatever feels right in the moment. I just do. Do whatever has to be done at that moment. Easy? Nope.

Therefore, I still plan to use my to-do-list, my time-schedule to make sure I do a little bit of everything during a day and I still want it all and want to do it all. Hey, I am a Mimosa Pudica and I accepted that a while ago 😉 Maybe in a few days I decide that isn’t working for me either, hahaha
Although, seriously, I have been using my time-schedule again for a few weeks now and it works. Why do I wonder about that? It has worked for me in the past and I am still me, so of course it works again. I had to re-schedule some things, per example: updating my Beautiful Souls page every day was an unrealistic goal.

About that, unrealistic goals. You can do whatever you want, but make sure you set your goals realistically. You need time to eat (healthy), sleep enough, to pee and number 2 and to breathe. It seems the world around us wants to control everything, but really, you need to keep breathing. To survive at all, more importantly to retain perspective. Are your issues really worthwhile starting a fight/war? Choose your battles carefully and inhale a few times more. Getting frustrated about things you can’t change (there a not a lot of these, but the unchangeable things do exist), I’ve written it above; useless.

By the way, you know (?) I write these kind of posts also as a note to myself 😉

A day has only 24 hours, so Mimosa Pudica and readers with the same problem; you can’t do all at once and not all in 1 day. Accept it. Period.

December 18, the end of 2016 comes rapidly closer. For many a time to reflect: what did we do this year, did we reached our goals, our resolutions. Also a time to think about our intentions, plans, goals for 2017. Although I’m trying to reduce giving unasked advice, this one might help you too: “Don’t make new years resolutions for 2017”.

I hope you all make it to the end of this year and, depending on your age, another decade of two to five, but what if you don’t? Why wait until January 1 ? That quote, live your life as if it is your last day, that is not just a good quote, which you read and think ‘great quote’ and go back to your usual routine. Read it. Read it again. Absorb it. Live it.

Don’t wait for tomorrow to start eating healthy, to get moving (walk, sport), to find a job you will enjoy, to start traveling, to find a partner, to remove yourself from an unhealthy relationship, to trust someone, to fight for your rights, to speak up, to shut your mouth, to…whatever necessary to make you happy again.

Happy…maybe for you it’s having a lot of money, travel around the world, work as an postman or a CEO, being married or being a loner, playing soccer or being a couch potato, celebrate Christmas or skip it…

Life sometimes throws stuff at you, you really didn’t ask for: the way you deal with those
(Thanks Helena for that reminder)…

It IS all up to you. YOUR choice to make.

Don’t discriminate, don’t hate (hating coffee is ok, hating persons is not), don’t use senseless violence, follow the laws of the country you choose to live in and BE.

Breathe. Survive. Live. Just be. Just do.

Don’t wait for tomorrow.

34 thoughts on “Don’t wait for tomorrow

  1. Hope you feel motivated again soon! I also use the “to-do” list tactic whenever I’m feeling down. I agree with everything you said, and the saying “live your life like it is the last day” is true, but sometimes ambitious people tend to overdo it with the pressure they feel to get everything done leading to anxiety. So like you said, I believe it’s important of course to do what you like and to make sure you’re not wasting your time, but also to have a right program and to set smaller goals each day to ultimately reach your greater goal. Anyway, great post!

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  2. Patty, are those your eyes? so pretty!

    thanks for the wise words – the encouragement, as especially need it during holiday rush of wanting to do more than ever. life is not a race…

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  3. 🙂 Beautifull picture 🙂 and wishing you a wonderfull week! xx
    By the way, you can also live your life like it’s the first day of your life… be open, curious, expect the world and enjoy al the new because it is 🙂

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  4. Zoooo herkenbaar. Ik had het er gisteren nog over met een vriendin, die hetzelfde bleek te hebben. Zou het de tijdsgeest zijn? Dat je van alles wilt maar tot ”niets” komt en dan gefrustreerd de volgende dag toch weer gelooft dat het moet lukken (en dat je dan eindelijk die rust zult vinden). Maar dat nooit nooit nooit iets af zal zijn. En toch moet ik nu weer verder om iets af te willen maken. Zodat ik vanmiddag wat meer rust hoop te hebben. (arghhh).

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  5. What a cool post! I really enjoyed reading. I’ve just finished a piece on New Years resolutions but I must say that I really like your view on it 🙂 Keep it up!

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  6. This post… This post is absolutely breathtaking and full of wisdom! These are things I feel like we all know, but it’s important to read it and truly take it in. Thank you for this post!!

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  7. Yes it is important just ‘to be’ and ‘to breathe’. It’s so easy to forget to do these things. Life isn’t any better if you constantly pressure yourself. Sometimes it’s important to be happy and comfortable with yourself in the moment you are in. 🙂

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