Chaos and update

Once upon a time humans lived their life, just traveling the globe, eating what ever they could find and just be. If someone, another human or animal, tried to hurt them, that creature would have been scared off and if that didn’t do the trick, he or she would end up dead. No debate, no feelings of guilt, no questions like ‘am I human?’ Life was simple.

We humans evolved, we created chaos, we tried to solve chaos and we created some more chaos. And then we got scared. Fear seems to rule us nowadays. Fear of other humans choice of religion, fear of the healthiness of our food, fear of being alone, fear of money, fear of standing up for our believes, fear of being an unique individual, fear of just be. Life became, still is, complicated.

What good is for me, doesn’t have to be good for you and vice versa…I have written it in my disclaimer at Why seems it so hard to accept we are all unique, do we feel the need to convince other people ‘my way is the right way’, meanwhile knowing there is no right way? Since if there was A right way….Well, there would be no chaos.

Anyway, some brain-threads which keep me occupied lately again 😉

About my personal chaos. Yesterday I remembered, a dear friend provided me last year a link to a webpage with the solution, which I have been searching for a long, long period of time: the WP-follow-button for websites on I added it to and it works 🙂 So, now people with our without can follow me on that website too…Yippee!

My first following thought was to move everything from Mimosa to Dreampack, so I only have to maintain one website. However, I know myself a bit…I decided to wait a day, asked a friend his thoughts, talk with my husband first (who sometimes knows me better as I do) and now I am ready to tell you, what I am going to do 🙂

My website and my blog are already up and running for years now and maintenance isn’t that much work anymore. I am going to keep both, not merge them after all.

People who like my my creative side – poetry, music, et cetera – like my Beautiful Souls page, my thoughts (brain-threads) about the chaos in my head and about the chaos in and at our big Dreampack: Mimosa Pudica 🙂

People who like to read about My Dreampack, about my vision how to live natural in and with the 21st century, how I personally try to avoid chaos: Dreampack 🙂

This is going to be the last post I publish at both the website and the blog. Of course I would be very happy, if you are following me at both, but I know how hard it is to keep up with all those wonderful blog and websites out there at the internet. No hard feelings, if you decide to follow only one of mine.
Can’t decide, or want to follow all of me ( Yippee!)…I am going to add a widget at both places, which provide a list of recent posts of each blog.
Confused? Come back tomorrow, or later this week, the chaos at my websites will be no more.

Now I only have to decide, if I am going to create a separate Facebook page for Mimosa too.




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