Short Update

Read. A lot. Write. As much as I can combine it with my other passions and the care of my DreampackAcknowledgement is important to me: yes, of course I like to get it  😉 However, it is more important to me to acknowledge others. I started adding Beautiful Souls again (at the page I created for this purpose), however just adding links with the about page of these souls, doesn’t feel right…sufficient.

I started to do this inspired by Daisy and her weekly Shout Outs, recently I added Jason of HarshReality to my Beautiful Souls page and as soon as I add someone, I add his/her blog into an excel overview and start reading their posts regularly (again). I came across a post of Jason, Meet & Greet, in which he included my blog and wrote a very warm introduction about me and my blog. Yep, you probably guessed it already…I am not only thankful for this acknowledgement, it reminded me again it is important to do more then just add. So soon I will change the way I introduce to you the Beautiful Souls I find 😉

I don’t twitter, I don’t use Instagram or Snapchat, LinkedIn…nope. Did I forgot some? Probably, but keeping up with all you lovely bloggers is becoming almost a day job. Keeping up with all the new social media stuff, I just can’t. I don’t complain, I love to follow other bloggers! Just saying 😉

So: reading, following, acknowledging and writing: I do this at WordPress and at Facebook. Starting today you can follow this blog – Mimosa Pudica – also via Facebook 🙂 See the sidebar for the link.

Because I love to connect with my neighbors at this globe, you can connect with me here at WP, via Facebook or send me an email I recently created: mimosa.pudica.connect  @ (without the spaces, put there to avoid spam)

Thanks for reading, following, acknowledging and connecting with me!



9 thoughts on “Short Update

  1. I started wondering if I should leave social media. All those fake announcements, horrible pictures, ugly words… it is not human for me. A fake world. But….I will stay, there are more beautiful souls on FB and Instagram to keep connection with… But that is as far as I will go. No snapchat, Twitter or anything else to post my blogs in… I do not love the digital behaviour of some humans. (some ‘humans’ I see do not behave at all… 😉 )
    However, still love to read your posts. Keep connected to you. Big hug xxx

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    • You know Marije, I’ve been ‘there’ a couple of time too..doubting if I should cut of all social media…
      We live in the 21st Century and it’s a part of our lives now. Yes, we should behave better at social media, but we should indeed behave better in general.
      I think due to the fact, we seem to forget there are REAL people connected to all this social media stuff, a lot of ugliness is on it. It is NOT a fake world, it is the world of today. We should realize that.
      At the same time I also believe in ‘if you don’t like my message, then stop following me’.
      One of my best friends is a Christian-Vegan, I am a meat-loving-non-believer…We are friends at FB, but I clicked the option ‘do not longer follow’, visit her page when I want too and only like the messages of her, which I like. She does the same.
      Letting each other be. Most important of all 😉

      Although I don’t always agree with you either, love our connection too!

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      • I have family members who have an opposite meaning of politics. I do not follow them, but I still love them and keep on having contact in real life. And I love their posts about fluffy dogs and cats and keep on liking them when visiting their page 🙂 Exactly what you did with your Christian-Vegan friend. It works perfectly.
        I recently bought a book, in Dutch, written by Nicholas Carr, ‘Het Ondiepe, hoe onze hersenen omgaan met Internet’. Looking forward to reading it! We are in the 21st century, but this means, we are capable of making our own choices what to follow and wich media to use. But we all have to keep in mind, there always real feelings behind the virtual profiles on FB or Instagram, where ever, shown at the plastic screen before your eyes. You should always be aware of that.
        And it is lovely we do not always agree, you keep me alert and thinking. If everyone who is following me always agrees on everything I write, I am doing something terribly wrong 🙂

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  2. I hear you Patty and I understand completely! It is really hard to keep up with all the lovely friends we have here on WordPress, I often feel so bad about not managing to do it 😦 And FB, Instagram, twitter, etc. – I really don´t feel I could manage that as well, I already fail on FB 😉 But you´re so right: it is the real world now, and we have to find a way to live in it. Keep making friends and finding beautiful souls (did I tell you, I really love that term of yours)! Hugs&Kisses! xxxxxxx

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  3. Hallo Patty eindelijk ben ik er weer .maanden geen computer gehad ..wij zijn bijna 4 maanden in Zorghotel geweest ..reden grote renovatie ..dat zou 3 weken duren maar alles is fout gegaan nu weer wat gaan proberen op te pakken ..maar erg moeizaam joh.. het gaat niet zo naar wens.. medisch ..maar wil graag mee doen met alles. en moet dat soms niet doen erg moe fijn even gekeken te hebben .. op jou leuke site. Liefs van Cees

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    • Hallo Cees,
      Wat leuk weer wat van je, over jou, te horen! Niet zo leuk, dat het wederom zo’n moeizame tijd is geweest. Dapper, dat je toch blijft vechten lieve Cees! Tot gauw weer, lieve groet, Patty


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