I posted this December 20, 2016. At one of the comments I responded: ‘hopefully 2017 will be a more peaceful year’. We are at the end of the first month and I feel the need to re-post this…
Trump, Erdogan, Wilders, Le Pen…
Refugees still not warmly invited…
Another senseless attack, this time in Canada..

Wake up! Resist!
Listen, reach out, connect!

I don’t want to shoot…

Updates of

I don’t believe in (a) God. Shoot me.

I believe in the power of nature. Shoot me.

I don’t believe violence is the answer. Shoot me.

I believe in open minded communication. Shoot me.

I don’t believe killing creatures will give you control. Shoot me.

I believe keep on living and loving will defeat the darkness. Shoot me.

I am not an aggressive person: if my loved ones are harmed…will I shoot?


Last night another senseless attack, this time in Berlin.
So far, 12 deaths, 48 wounded.
My husbands work related trip was cancelled several weeks ago..
He could have been among the people at the Christmas fair.
A dear friend of the Strix, lives in Berlin. She is fine. In shock. As I am.
Sending strength and love to Berlin, to the World, to my neighbors.

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8 thoughts on “Shoot

  1. Love and respect in humanity is the pillar of strength that holds us all together. Sadly these days, the foundations seem a bit shaky.
    Nice to visit your blog.

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  2. The attack in Quebec was just one more in a long line. If we don’t all learn to get on, what kind of future can we look forward to? Trump, Erdogan, Wilders, Le Pen and the rest are absolutely not helping things.

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