Ode to Nikki by Manuel

I am so proud to be the first in this new series of Manuel and as I told him before: he transposed my feelings in a marvelous way. The featured picture I created, will be printed, framed and is going to be placed at one of our walls 🙂
Thank you so much again, my dear friend!
Big hug, XxX

If you would like something similar too…you should definitely check out this post, with all the details to receive your own piece of art by Manuel:

This is one of the first poems in the series IN YOUR SHOES, in which I try to put myself in your shoes and write a poem feeling your pain and sorrow. If you would like your emotions to be future on emotionsoflife please feel free to shoot me an email at 11manuel11osornio11@gmail.com, tell me […]

via Ode To Nikki — emotionsoflife2016

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