31 thoughts on “Beautiful Souls: Daal

    • Haha, I just responded at You-tube;-)
      After a week of frustration with all kind of software, converters and stuff like that, I finally came across a program I could do, well, what I did.
      Although, I didn’t use a script, I started all over, several times 😉
      Again, thanks for the compliment! XxX

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      • I’m not surprised you needed a few attempts, Patty but I’d need a script and lots of practice and then it would have to be done in my first (and pretty much only) language. Kudos to you 🙂

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  1. Beautiful souls! Daal and also the dogs!Unbelievable picture! astomishing that they survived with broken legs and all the rest!

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  2. It´s awesome! And as has been said before here: I love your accent 🙂 Germans tend to have very soft spot for dutch accents 😉 Just tried to reply again on youtube but somehow am always told that my comment can´t be posted… so here´s what I wanted to say: I look very much forward to more such wonderful videos from you – a super-great idea! 🙂 xxx

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    • Yes, I’ve been told that before 🙂 Also, when I speak German, people immediately hear I am Dutch. I always have to smile when German’s say ‘Genau’ and ‘Jawohl’ 🙂
      Well, as you know, Spring is arrived, so I am outside a lot now, but I intend to do more. Also about/for you 😉

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      • Yes, it´s the same when I´m speaking English apparently 😉 Though curiously not when I´m speaking Spanish, then they think I´m French!! And vice versa! 😀
        Enjoy your spring weekend, dear! I´m also headed for another long walk to regain some of my former strength.
        Ohh! Wow! That´s so very, very lovely from you!! Thank you very much, dearest Patty! Can´t wait to see it!!! 😀 Big hug! xxx

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    • Hi Antonio 🙂
      I am fine, spring-weather over here, so a lot outside in the garden 😉
      Hope you are fine too. Wishing you a wonderful new week, XxX


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