Emotionsoflive & Mimosa Pudica: Conversation at a distance ~ Destiny

Together with my dear friend Manuel created this piece in which we share a conversation with you, dear reader.
Thanks again for writing with me sweetie and this time being the listening ear 😉
For the record; I am fine again 🙂



I am lost in all these feelings
Bouncing back of the ceilings
Not knowing where I am heading
Despair and frustration spreading
The labyrinth in my head endless
It all seems so damn senseless

All those beautiful souls in need
And all I want is hide in the reed
Tell me friend, how to proceed?

Feel your emotions,
But do not forget your own notions.
It is healthy to feel lost and confused,
What you are feeling is essential so you can feel renewed.
Indeed, this life could become a living maze
Turning on you; changing even the way you see the sun rays.
Just remember; everything has a purpose,
Nothing is a burden.

I sense there is something more deep within you,
Do some more introspection and then tell me why you feel so blue…….
Tell me your truth.

Ah, you know me to well by now
As I knew you would make me plough
Deeper, finding the reason behind my frustration
Reminding me of that important fact: causation
The cause lies into my insecurity about connecting
Who am I to advise and make people reflecting

If even I can’t always practice what I preach
I don’t know it all, so how can I teach?
When questioning myself, am I a leech?

No, not a leech but a beautiful soul,
Always in need of helping others feel whole;
I do not see anything wrong with that,
In fact, you should be proud of you; no BUT!!!
You might not have all the answers, but you have a few,
So do not feel blue. Remember that we all need to reflect
And you are helping others not only to see, but to connect.

To KNOW, To EXPERIENCE are the only things that will help us BE,
And you are helping many souls to feel free;
Do you……. Can you SEE?!!!

Oh my, now you have made me blush
With your kind words, as always lush
Accepting a compliment is not that easy
When I do worry about being cheesy
However, I do and can see the psychological mirror
You’re holding up to make my mind so much clearer
A mutual friend of us recently provided another clue
Sometimes we warriors just need rescuing too

Thank you, my friend, for again decreasing my fear
As always so grateful for your listening ear
And for our friendship, which I truly endear

Mimosa Pudica & EmotionsOfLife

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Looking forward to connect with my neighbors !

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