Believe we are worthy of love might not seem easy and being kind to yourself, might even feel awkward. The exercise above is a great way to start being kind to yourself.

However, you may feel good enough and know you are worthy and therefore think, you don’t need to take (extra) time to be kind to yourself. From a personal and professional perspective, I can tell you it is important, it really is.

This doesn’t automatically mean you have to… Read more


12 thoughts on “kindness-challenge-week-1-self-love

    • Prioritizing…that never ending dilemma 😉
      Take your time and all the space you need, don’t feel pressured! I am (and I am sure whole lot’s of others are too) always here. XxX

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        • Woop woop! I am so excited for you! Fingers crossed, hope for the best and at least you never have to think in future “I wish I did send it” 🙂
          Of course it means a lot to you! I think the feeling is similar to stand naked in the middle of a store, right? Well, remember… the worst critic is always you whatever the feedback will be, in case it is ‘bad’…it can’t be worse than you already think..right?
          Meanwhile I am doing a little dance and keeping my fingers crossed for you 😉 Big hug! XxX

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  1. Read the whole post – sadly couldn’t comment there due to technical difficulties with my phone I think – but am doing it here: Absolutely fantastic post, Patty!!!! Love both your thoughts and the wonderful poem you created with Manuel! Xxx

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