Update May 20 – Dreampack and Mimosa Pudica

In case you wondered why you no longer follow me here at: Mimosa Pudica:


Did does not apply to readers who clicked the follow option at May 20, 2017 or after this date.


11 thoughts on “Update May 20 – Dreampack and Mimosa Pudica

      • Does everyone else though, after migrating them? I thought that moved the follower list from one to the other. Strange indeed. Still, can’t begrudge pestering in two places 😜

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        • No, you happen to be the first one to notice it, just a little while after I hit the migration-button.
          Hmmm…I think my next task is to look into how to block a person 😛

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          • Crumbs I hope everyone else has gone through successfully as without your comment on my blog today I’d never have known! Although, maybe it was a test and now you are going to try blocking me too 😜

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    • I think you have been following me before May 2017, so you automatically already follow me at Dreampack.org. But to explain again; Dreampack.org is my main website. Because I don’t have time to maintain more than one website/blog I transferred all of ‘Mimosa’ to Dreampack.
      The Mimosablog I use, because WordPress.com has technical stuff I need at Dreampack.org and vice versa. And in addition it is a way to keep the WordPress.com people updated.

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        • Dreampack is at WP.org. Its a website with a blog incorporated.
          The difference (among other things) with WP.com is that there isn’t a follow-button, as you referred to. But you can also keep following me like you are doing now…you only need to click the link at each post to be able to read the whole story 😉
          In future, to be more clear, I will add that as an remark in the ‘update’-posts.
          Wishing you a wonderful evening, XxX


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