Update May 20 – Dreampack and Mimosa Pudica

In case you wondered why you no longer follow me here at: Mimosa Pudica:


Did does not apply to readers who clicked the follow option at May 20, 2017 or after this date.


5 thoughts on “Update May 20 – Dreampack and Mimosa Pudica

      • Does everyone else though, after migrating them? I thought that moved the follower list from one to the other. Strange indeed. Still, can’t begrudge pestering in two places 😜

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        • No, you happen to be the first one to notice it, just a little while after I hit the migration-button.
          Hmmm…I think my next task is to look into how to block a person 😛

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          • Crumbs I hope everyone else has gone through successfully as without your comment on my blog today I’d never have known! Although, maybe it was a test and now you are going to try blocking me too 😜

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