Mindset ~ Dare to Dream ! (Compilation)

Last year I created a compilation regarding the topic Depression: You are NOT Alone! and I thought it was high time to create a similar one, this time the topic is ‘Mindset’. When Souls Connect and reach out to each other, wonderful happenings do arise, and
therefore I connected with Beautiful Souls again:

Thank you dear Manuel, Marije and Sarah
for your time and permission to use your art/information.
Special thanks to Joeel & Natalie Rivera, who highly inspire Kileha and Patty.
This compilation is presented to you by
Kileha Holder (Begin, Believe, Become) and Patty Wolters (Dreampack):

HERE (click)

NB: featured image – COPYRIGHT Art Expedition / Dreampack


Looking forward to connect with my neighbors !

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