11 thoughts on “Inspiring Quotes ~ Dalai Lama (re-post)

          • I am normally for emotions, but in tough times I see value in a bit more stoic attitude that is not thinking and feeling too much, just doing what is possible right now with courage and perseverance. And soon it will be better as long as we don’t give up before the big break through. Just in case, I send you some energy across the globe:-)

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          • Thank you! I wish I could do the same; but for the course I am following, I have to go ‘through’ the same exercises a counselor would do together with a client. Stirring up some old feelings again. But, necessary…not only for the course, but also for me personally 😉

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          • Quick question; do you still receive my comments at your blog? I did comment at your recent posts, wondered why you didn’t response and noticed they are not published/displayed….

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          • Hi, Patty. Thanks for letting me know. To the best of my knowledge, I’ve replied to all your comment that have arrived. If there are comments from your side that don’t appear published, then something possibly went wrong as you as a frequent contributor are pre-approved anyway (i.e., your comments being automatically approved and displayed in any case). Hmm … wondering what interesting I’ve missed.

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          • If not in you spam, I probably didn’t hit the enter/send button. Will hop over to your posts later again 😉
            Wishing you a wonderful Sunday! XxX

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