Freedom from Discrimination

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Previously in this series regarding the Universal Human Rights, I did select some of those important rights and added my personal view. This year (2021), I am going through all the 30 basic rights. I would like to encourage you to look up our Human Rights, not to take these for granted or to misuse, but as a reminder we are all human beings, Beautiful Souls and therefore we ALL matter… READ MORE !!! (click)

18 thoughts on “Freedom from Discrimination

    • Hammad, this unfortunately is true. However, I agree with you, Patty. As much as only a few bad people are needed to ruin things, only a few good people can correct things. I believe we all must remember not to take things for granted. Goodness must be constantly be encouraged.

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  1. You do realize that our human rights are not defined by some document, but rather by the simple fact that we are human beings, right? Never rely on someone else to “define” your rights; as a human being you have the right to do anything that does bring harm to others. The UDHR is an abhorrent document because it defines human beings only as under the purview of “law” and nation-states. However, in truth the concepts of “law” and “government authority” only apply to a person if (s)he explicitly consents to those concepts.

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    • Yes, I do realize that. However, I do not agree we as human beings have the right to do anything that does bring harm to others. Just because we know ‘we know’, which differs us from other living creatures, doesn’t automatically gives us the right to inflict pain, hurt on another living being. Hence, I believe being human beings and knowing we have a conscience is just that fact that gives us a responsibility. To use our minds and choose not to harm others.
      If a document as The Universal Rights can help us, guide us, to remember we can do better…I am all for it.
      I also believe laws, government authority is needed to prevent chaos. It’s up to all of us humans to vote, to accept the choices of the majority (= democracy) and take our own responsibility to live by the rules, laws we (indirectly) voted for. Take our own responsibility, no matter your circumstances, to be kind to your neighbor. You don’t have to like them, but you can always choose to be decent, civil and just ‘let be’.

      Thank you for connecting dear neighbor.


  2. Patty — my apologies; I made an awful typo in my comment above. What I meant to write was: “…as a human being you have the right to do anything that does NOT bring harm to others.” In other words, we must be free to do anything as long as we do not infringe on the rights of other human beings. Rights are paramount; all we need to do in society is to respect the rights of others and all will be well. Law and government authority are anathema to human rights because they assume that government has the authority to control others through coercion and thus make them slaves of government. If you see government authority as justified because it reflects the will of the majority, e.g. in a democracy, then ask yourself: why would a majority be justified in coercing a minority to follow the majority’s will? Coercion necessarily entails violation of human rights, so then how could a majority be justified in coercing a minority to do anything against the minority’s will?

    Many people today seem to agree with you that laws and government authority are necessary to prevent chaos. But to believe this means that you assume people are criminals until proven otherwise; it means that you think people, left to their own devices, will automatically go crazy and wreak havoc. I choose to believe, as the authors of the U.S. Constitution did, that human beings deserve to be considered innocent until proven guilty. In other words, a person is innocent until they commit a crime, i.e. cause harm to another person or group of persons. “Preventive” laws of the type promulgated by government control the actions of people whether they have committed crimes or not, and thus necessarily violate the rights of the people.

    Again, apologies for the egregious typo in my last comment; you must have thought I was a monster!


    • In my opinion there exist only monsters in movies;-) Yes, there are few who are born into our world with one ‘wire’ (or more) missing, but to me, humans have always a choice. Choose to harm someone is mostly due to not having been informed, guided, educated correctly. However, monsters…no. I can dislike a person, a person’s behavior and chose to ignore this person or the behavior. So…No apologies necessary, dear neighbor.

      I think it’s a case of perception and emotions. If one doesn’t feel being heard, feels his/her voice doesn’t matter, I can understand why it would feel like coercion. That doesn’t mean ‘democracy’ is the wrong way to go, it means it is not ‘accurate’ enough.
      If people decide to ignore the law-system, the initial purpose it was designed for, yes…people will be found guilty being innocence. But as far as I know, even by law, your are innocent until proven guilty.
      We seem to have forgotten all thinkable systems (democracy, dictator, communism, flower-power, etc) has been implemented during history, or are still active(depending where you live)…In an ideal world, we could live without rules, laws…however, we are human beings with emotions. Who just aren’t able to co-exist in peace, as much as I would like to.
      So, what is the ‘right’ way? Is there a ‘right way’? With so many individuals, some many different opinions, feelings, emotions…That’s why I state, start taking responsibility first, create your own Dreampack…live you life in a way, it could be an example for your neighbor. Accept each others differences, limitations, different opinions, but don’t create chaos by being unreasonable, or by living in an illusion.

      I hope ‘my’ English is understandable…


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