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Did you know, we are the only species who know that they know? Thanks to the development of our conscious we were able to discover this. Hence the choice of this month’s topic. Discover what the Skilled Helpers of this wonderful collaborative project have to say about Awareness…[READ MORE]

7 thoughts on “Awareness – Skilled Helpers Collaborative

  1. This collaborative sound fascinating, and important, Patty: I’ll have to come back to it next week, so please accept my current apologies and I do look forward to pondering on it shortly!
    Stay safe,

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    • Take all the time you need, dear Shira. The next issue of this collaborative will be end of April?
      And if you’re interested, the group already share their perspectives on Resilience, Change and Love.
      Enjoy your weekend!

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      • From what I’ve seen, assuming that you feel my blog focus will fit in with that of the rest of the group members, I would be delighted to contribute.

        Taking more time to catch up on your posts,

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        • Hi dear Shira,
          I’ve been visiting your blog and read some interesting articles and perspectives. Definitely planning to dive into some of the topics some more.
          Regarding the Skilled Helpers Collaborative: it’s a project for a year, which I initiated and are coordinating. I rather leave it as is ‘contributors-wise’, however, for future other collaboration I will add you to my list of connections to reach out to. And of course, if you have anything in mind we could collaborate on, feel free to reach out.
          Warm regards,

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Looking forward to connect with my neighbors !

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