Beautiful Souls





Visit the beautiful soul Kally

Hi, I’m Kally. I have worked in various industries such as education, healthcare, retail, advertising, IT, telecommunications and ecommerce specializing in sales, customer service, project management and operations in both SME and MNC. I have been a manager since 2003 in the various industries, leading different sizes of teams coming from different countries like Singapore, … Continue reading Visit the beautiful soul Kally

Visit the beautiful soul Margo (Dutch)

JoeHoe! Op aarde ~ 1972 | Directiesecretaresse Cofely ~ 1994 | Eega ♥ Han ~ 1997| Schilderen & tekenen ~ 1998 | Mama ♥ Stijn ~ 2003 | Hardlopen ~ 2009| Medeorganisator VESTROCK ~ 2010-2014 | Eigen blog aangedurfd ~ 2014 |Minerva Netwerk Directiesecretaresses – lid werkgroep ~ 2014 | Redactielid De Snisser Courant ~ 2014 | Medeorganisator d’Ossekoppenloop ~ 2014 |Eindredactie De Snisser … Continue reading Visit the beautiful soul Margo (Dutch)

Visit the beautiful soul MySestina

mySestina is about various aspects of life. An ocean of emotions and experiences in which one can dive in and realize the Real Values and Meaning of our Existence. Its about Poetry, Choices, Challenges, Dreams, Experiences, Aspirations, Inspirations, Success and about Failures. Its about People and Preferences. “Reading is Pleasure for the Words that matter” Blog: mySestina

Visit the beautiful soul Emily

Short version: Daughter to an English professor. Named after Emily Dickinson. No pressure or anything. Less short version and a preface: I have been an closet poet for years, writing for myself, occasionally for others, but never for the world.  Having collected a decent handful over time, I decided it was time to challenge myself, … Continue reading Visit the beautiful soul Emily

Visit the beautiful soul John

My name is Alpe John, hence ‘Juan’–the Hispanic equivalent of the name John. Since I was a kid, I love to draw and sketch, and becoming an architect was my biggest dream. Why an architect? Given my young mind back then, I didn’t know that artists could make a living; I thought the only profession where … Continue reading Visit the beautiful soul John

Visit the beautiful soul Daisy

A ‘DAISY IN THE WILLOWS’ WELCOME Hello flowers! Welcome to the world of a stereotyped-not typical Bipolar, Chronic anorexic (with a normal BMI) with emotional unstable  personality disorder and a touch of Bipolar! No hiding from my experiences. Ha ha! ABOUT THE TITLE OF MY BLOG I’ve felt like a bit of a weed most of … Continue reading Visit the beautiful soul Daisy

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