Visit the beautiful soul Robert

Hiya – my name is Robert Colin Day – welcome to my blog!

This is w20here I share some of my thoughts, a daily Writing Tip, a daily Well-being article, short stories, the occasional poem and whatever else I fancy indulging myself in.

Here’s a little about me:

I prefer to be different, yet to blend into the crowd. In other words, I’m conflicted. This enables me to be creative.

For the first time ever, I reveal to the internet community that I grew up in Chapeltown, Sheffield, which is in England. I now live in York – a little further north and hence a little grimmer.

My New Year’s Revolution (I know) for 2013 was to be more of a Producer, and less of a Consumer. To this end I started reading every book I could find on Creative Writing, became a mad dabbler with GarageBand, and spent ridiculous amounts of money drawing a naked bloke (2 sessions at £10 each – I ask you!) among other things.

Consequently, to date I’ve written fascinating stories and vignettes, made sweet music and drawn drawings, some of which I will share with you in as the days roll on.

You’re welcome to follow me, walk with me or lead me on – I am open to experience.

Blog: levishedated


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Always open to thoughts, opinions, suggestions from my neighbors on this globe!

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