Beautiful Souls October 2018

Inspired by the Awards bloggers pass around to each other and still looking for a way to acknowledge the Beautiful Souls I connect with, I created a personal gift.  Different from the Awards, there is no need to pass on these gifts. Of course, you are free to do so ? Read more about the reason behind the creation of these badges HERE (click), where you can also find a badge you can use, in case you would acknowledge a Beautiful Soul yourself. Once a month, I will upload a post with these personal gifts for the Beautiful Souls I found. Click at the pictures and you will be directed to the websites/blogs of these Inspiring, Open-Minded and Empathic neighbors.

The latest gifts I created you can find HERE (click)

We have the choice to gather Beautiful Souls around us

Today I created four more personal gifts for Beautiful Souls I found in our virtual Dreampack. You can read the reasons why I do this HERE(click). Even on the internet, behind those social media accounts, in blogland, mostly, we connect with human beings. People, just like you and me and unique at the same time. Some you click with, some you don’t.

We have the choice to gather Beautiful Souls around us.

Whether in the real world, or in our virtual one, we should treat each other with respect.
Being kind towards one and another, acknowledge each other, isn’t that difficult 😉

Don’t shoot me; upcoming weeks I am going to post a lot of these gifts for the Beautiful Souls I found in the past. After I finished creating those, I will continue to create these for the Beautiful Souls I am confident I will come across in the future.

Patty Wolters
Blogger / Master Coach
A way Beautiful Souls thrive