Do we keep discrimination alive?

A while ago, I read somewhere a term used for a woman who wears her hair in a bun on top of her head. I can’t remember the term precisely, because at the time, I thought it didn’t bother me. Lately, however, every time I create this hairstyle myself, a question keeps recurring: “Even innocently intended, when certain terms are used to talk about someone, or address a group, do we keep discrimination alive?”


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Just a thought about the current situation in the USA

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Since Mr. Trump (he is not my president, I live in Europa, so I don’t have to call him that, do I?) is executing (this English word for carrying out feels more suitable, sorry) all the promises he made during the election, why don’t hold him to his remark about the voting system, that it should be changed or even be abolished?

As soon that is done, demand as an democratic country his resignation.

Our am I thinking to simple?