Daddy ~ edited by Dr. K E Garland ~ Review

Among the blogs and websites I follow myself, I have a few authors on my weekly reading list. About two weeks ago, I posted the review of The Legend of the Lumenstones written by Tanja Cliff. Another author I connected with for over two years already is Dr. K E Garland. This inspirational woman wrote The Unhappy Wife, released in 2016, which includes the stories of 12 women describing their relationships. Dr. K E Garland is back with another book: Daddy  ~ Reflections of father-daughter relationships.



I kill flies

Since the original release of this article (May 29, 2016), the multinational Bayer officially took over Monsanto. Therefore, I decided to update this article.

Continuously looking for a good balance between natural life in and with the 21st century, I like to use both traditional methods and modern techniques. That includes controlling pests in and around our Dreampack. Each year, we have the nuisance of flies; besides being very annoyingly attacking our food while trying to eat it, our dog prefers to jump on top of the furniture to catch them and worse, flies are spreaders of disease.
After having used all kinds of natural repellents such as lemon candles, bowls filled with water and cloves, cleaning with vinegar, etc., we started to use the ugly adhesive ribbon which many of you probably remember from his or her grandparents. [READ MORE]