Hi !

My name is Patty and I live together with my husband and two dogs in Germany.

Since I know how to write it has become a great part of my live and eventually I found my way on the internet. In addition to a personal blog I started, I started in 2009 a website dedicated to families with their dog(s) as an unique individual: Dreampack (Droomroedel.com), because every dog is entitled to a Dreampack!

As I get older, I realize more and more that the natural needs of dogs actually don’t differ much from our natural needs. As well as dogs we feel better as part of a committed family; no matter the family relation, or how big your family is. Healthy food and drinks are just as important to our health. A roof over our head, enough exercise, structure, clear guidelines …

We human beings are, off course, also entitled to a Dreampack.

“What is a good balance between modern society (with all its modern knowledge, techniques, possibilities) and the natural needs of myself as a unique human being, as a woman, as a wife, as a devoted friend of dogs, an animal therapist?”

I began to investigate and found inspiring answers to live more natural. However, I was shocked that many people who go back to nature , at the same time seem to reject the 21st century with all its modern knowledge, techniques, possibilities.
Simultaneously there are also people who’ve become too far away from nature and only trust modern knowledge. I believe there’s an other way; more than that:

I am convinced a good balance between natural living and the 21st century is possible!

I decided to share the inspiring answers that I found (and still will find, because a human being will never be done learning) which may contribute to the realization of your Dreampack.

The answers and information you can find on my site:

Dreampack  ~ Natural living in and with the 21st century

N.B. I’m a Dutch soul, living in Germany, therefore my English will not be perfect 😉


Droomroedel (Dutch)

Hallo! Mijn naam is Patty en ik leef samen met mijn man en twee honden in Duitsland. Schrijven doe ik al mijn hele leven en uiteindelijk kwam ook ik op het internet terecht. Naast een persoonlijk blog begon ik in 2009 een website voor toegewijde gezinnen met hun hond als uniek individu: De Droomroedel; omdat … Continue reading Droomroedel (Dutch)

Always open to thoughts, opinions, suggestions from my neighbors on this globe!

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