Mimosa pudica

Mimosa pudica is a creeping annual or perennial herb, also called sleepy plant, Dormilones or shy plant. This herb proves that plants, besides being alive, can react very quickly although they don’t have a nervous system.
Proverbial this herb is also called sensitive plant or touch-me-not and therefore in Dutch the link has been made to a quick-tempered, touchy person. A ‘Kruidje-roer-me-niet’.

During my childhood I was called ‘Kruidje-roer-me-niet’ a lot, because of my intensity when I believed something unjust or dishonest had happened in the world around me. During my youth (teenager) people also referred to my behavior. Slamming doors, exploding for no reason and swearing. Obviously because I thought my parents, teachers, and others were unjust and very mean 😉

Nowadays I still have a huge antipathy against hypocrisy (although sometimes I find myself also being guilty of this) and can still explode, if something very unjust happens in my opinion.

As PART of nature, what we to often forget, I strongly believe our main goal in life is to survive.
In what manner we survive, is a whole different story😉

I don’t believe we evolved out of apes, I don’t believe we are created by a God either. A cell is the building block from which all organisms are build. The cell is the smallest unit of life. There are organisms who live as a one-cell creature. Therefor I believe we are all connected by the same energy and in a way related, family, to each other.
I believe we, as human beings, did evolve alongside every creature (animals, plants, bacteria) but where for instance the apes stopped evolving at a certain level, we evolved further and started to develop our ability to think.

We humans are the only species on earth, who know that it knows (phrase Mr. Leen Mees) and we should, in my opinion, take care of this fact more thoughtfully.

Meanwhile I have passed the age of 40 and I’m always open to new ideas to keep balance between current society (with all the modern knowledge, techniques, possibilities) and the natural needs of myself as an unique human being, a woman, a spouse, a dedicated friend of dogs, an animal therapist.

Is it coincidence, or are we human beings here on this planet for a reason?
Grasping there’s a reason of the fact we are here , is it enough?

Writing is a passion, therefore this blog 😉 Furthermore I like to read (a lot), music is and will be my last love, (vegetable-)gardening and cooking.

The important souls in my Dreampack are my hubby and our animals. More about a Dreampack you can read HERE

Exchange thoughts is not only fun, but is often instructive. Don’t hesitate to respond.

Enjoy reading!

Kind regards,

N.B. I’m a Dutch soul, living in Germany, therefore my English will not be perfect 😉


9 thoughts on “Mimosa pudica

  1. Hi Patty. I had to smile about your temperament regarding justice. Very sympathetic. As I’ve learned to know you in discussions on our blogs, you behave very well though:-) Please keep your balanced view, your curiosity for continuous learning, and the belief in a purposeful human life on this beautiful planet. Thank you for connecting and all the best, Mathias

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    • Hello again Mathias 🙂
      I was just about to log off and your comment catched my eye…You made me blush, thank you for your kind and warm words! I am a strong believer in ‘everything happens for a reason’…so happy we found this connection. Looking forward to challenge, discuss, connect with you again in the future.
      Kind regards, XxX

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