Seek understanding for different perspectives

Seek understanding for different perspectives, a new section here on We all have our own values, principles, belief-systems. Inherited, influenced by society, or developed based on individual experiences.

Every now and then, I am going to post a phrase and ask you to share your thoughts, opinion, believe regarding this phrase. Not with the intend to discuss or validate each others responses…


Looking forward to read YOUR perspective!

Responses are welcome @ the original post.
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Challenge Make It Happen ~ February 2019

Challenge Make It Happen ~ February 2019. Starting February 4 to be more precise. Unfortunately, my partner in crime had to withdrawn, but that won’t stop us right?!!

There will no longer be fitness workouts included, although I am going to talk about exercise and have you move. The duration of the challenge will be slightly shorter. HOWEVER !!! I am going to provide you FREE tips & tools enabling you to Be (-come) The Master Of Your Life.

No Magic

No, this is not going to be some kind of magic. You will have to do the hard work yourself 😉 With the information I am going to share, you will gain insight on health, nutrition and mindset. In a way, you can apply it to your unique individual needs.

In addition, I will be available for all questions which may rise.

Did I mention it is FREE?

Ready to MAKE IT HAPPEN? Be The Master Of Your Life?

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