Beautiful Souls October 2018

Inspired by the Awards bloggers pass around to each other and still looking for a way to acknowledge the Beautiful Souls I connect with, I created a personal gift.  Different from the Awards, there is no need to pass on these gifts. Of course, you are free to do so ? Read more about the reason behind the creation of these badges HERE (click), where you can also find a badge you can use, in case you would acknowledge a Beautiful Soul yourself. Once a month, I will upload a post with these personal gifts for the Beautiful Souls I found. Click at the pictures and you will be directed to the websites/blogs of these Inspiring, Open-Minded and Empathic neighbors.

The latest gifts I created you can find HERE (click)


Social media part of modern society. Embrace it !

Social media has become a large part of modern society. I saw how the Internet became part of our Dreampack, rapidly evolved to what it is today. Therefore, I do understand the concerns that people may have about social media. Like almost everything, we can choose how active we want to be in this virtual addition to our life.

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It’s impossible to keep up with all Beautiful Souls who also blog/write/create. In case you would like me to visit your virtual Dreampack, just let me know! Leave a message via the comment section below or reach out to me via dreampackconnect @