The Strix

The Strix started as a group of seven talented bloggers who came together to stand as one big happy family. The unconditional love within this group is endless, as much as it is powerful. However, members of a family are each unique individuals and need to be able to follow their own paths; follow their hearts and go where their souls direct them to go.

Two beautiful souls, who will always be a part of this family and therefor always have a place in our hearts, decided to follow a new path. We wish Cezane & Michelle love, luck and happiness at their new adventures life has to offer.

The Strix will continue to reach out to every beautiful soul in the world, like the sun does during the day, using art to express what’s real, whilst each individual rises to ideal.

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The Strix includes:

Patty Wolters – Mimosa Pudica

Emily Clapper – Poet Girl Em

Zigyasa Kakkar – mySestina

Alpe John – The Juandering Artist




Here’s to those who live by in this world one day at a time doing what the world asks of them. Who turned a struggle into an addiction and desire into compulsion. Those who spend every night on their bed, mind drowned in thoughts, heart unwanting to beat. . . You hold onto your wait … Continue reading Hope


Biological speaking an example is the butterfly. Evolve out of the caterpillar into a butterfly happens automatically, it’s a natural process. The caterpillar trusts in the power of nature, trusts her own instinct, and becomes a wonderful creature. Mythological speaking an example is Zeus, God of Ancient Greece, who transformed himself into a bull to seduce … Continue reading Metamorphosis


It’s never wrong to want something every day of your life, to chase, to find comfort in the uncomfortable, as you wait… As you dream… – Cezane  ******************************************************************* Go ahead, fly with your wings of imagination Would you please today, smile for no reason Be a super soul, save lives around the world Must you … Continue reading Dream

Time Travel

4″O ostium de tempus, exaudio ut mea vox. Patitur id anima ut transveho quod infinitus spatium de aevum. Ego iubeo vos, APERIO!!” *sigh* …gea de stellae ducit mea iter. (“Oh gates of time, listen to my voice. Allow me this being to travel the infinite vastness of time.  I command you, OPEN!!” *sigh* …goddess of … Continue reading Time Travel


Shed For days she wandered along the trails in the woods darkened by life trials she only knew she was leaving not from where nor where to following rolling twists her destination moved contorting her path tangled by thorns shadowed by death and as she snaked her way she morphed into decay unrecognizable she changed … Continue reading Reborn


Starting where every haunted story starts. A dark room. I sat under the blanket, with my flash light on. The heat from the light made me sweat. Chills running down my spine, my eyes widened and stressed the eyelids to the level where they turned red. I had tears in my eyes. Something brushed through … Continue reading Supernatural


Did you know, if we humans hadn’t uncovered how to make a fire, we wouldn’t exist today? However, I strongly believe, if our ancestors didn’t possess a fire to even want to survive: a fire deep within to explore, to prosper, to follow their dreams…We wouldn’t be here either. Do you still have that fire … Continue reading Fire


Bewitched She wasn’t born a faerie; she earned her wings her own way. Her imagination started early just out of night’s skies when the sun rose the glittered light shone Her magic coaxed forth wings tickled, prickled out of her strong back fluttered to life, a surprise Forest creatures came to life the mushrooms spoke … Continue reading Fairy


Something not bought, But hard-earned. Something not asked, But freely given. It is a gift, Given when a stranger Becomes a friend. Free, but precious, Please take care, Of this fragile thing. For it’s impossible to fix, Once broken. ~ AlpeJohn ~ from JUANDERING ARTIST ******************************************************************* Ledge on the ledge far jump her faith, wobbly her … Continue reading Trust

Winter Solstice

December, January, February. In the Netherlands, winter arrives and stay for at least these three months. Maybe you dreaded this season, like I did. The temperature falls, the days get shorter, the nights longer and the sun seems to disappear, as if she wants to hide for this dark period, just like most of us … Continue reading Winter Solstice

New Year’s Resolution

A whole new year ahead, for The Strix too, which means we will publish 24 compilations created by our core members. Some of us will be busy with achieving new year’s resolutions: for those occasions, we are grateful we can depend again on our art-friends. Zigyasa and Kashaf weren’t able to join us this time … Continue reading New Year’s Resolution


Throughout history, art has been a way to express feelings, concerns, opinions. Nowadays, art is still used for that purpose. Art is also a way to reach out to, and, maybe even more important, to connect people. With a hidden world-war becoming a visible and very real one, art is needed again. Read our art, … Continue reading Fantasy


Happy to present you another collaboration we created and this time the topic was Zigyasa’s choice: very excited our art-sister could rejoin us. Sarah stepped in for John again, thanks dear! and last but definitely not least: the lovely Jyotee, our guest-artist at this collab. In the Netherlands we have a quote “Spreken is zilver, … Continue reading Silence


~ The Only You ~ Give me your bold truth show me your whole face reveal me your entire heart peel back your camouflaged layers tell me your past, your past’s past feed me your version of facts open up your naked soul raw read me no narratives false underneath the molded mask lifetimes of … Continue reading Authentic


Unfortunately, Zigyasa and Kashaf weren’t able to join this time at our collaboration for Nurture, a wonderful topic chosen by Emily. Grateful and happy Manuel was able to step in at the last minute and also excited and honored Jonathan accepted our invitation to create a piece of art for The Strix. We hope you … Continue reading Nurture


This time the topic was chosen by John and I thought ‘Summer? Spring hasn’t even really started yet’. Then I realized, Summer did start in parts of the world already, as it also did where John lives. The Summer season may remind you of blue skies, with the sun shining bright, bringing warmth into your … Continue reading Summer

Always open to thoughts, opinions, suggestions from my neighbors on this globe!

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