Over a decade blogging and this is why…

Sometimes it is good to remind yourself of the why you do what you do. Hence, I decided to re-publish this post again. Also, to give my new followers/readers insight to the why I do what I do ūüėČ

WordPress.com reminded me last year, I‚Äôve been blogging on their platform for nine years. Wow! That reminded me, I‚Äôve been blogging over a decade, since I started creating on another platform first. Looking at the numbers, I did gain over… [READ MORE]

Live life the way it makes sense to you

Live life the way it makes sense to you. That is what my website mainly is about. Creating your unique Dreampack with respect of and for the big one we all live upon. Acknowledging  yourself AND all other Beautiful Souls out there. Reach out to them, embrace positives and limitations. Those of others and those of yourself. The article I am forwarding you to again, I’ve written a few years ago, revised it a few times, translated it into English, and since then… still is my choice of lifestyle. Ultimately, that’s just the key: the awareness you always have a choice.
Made a few adjustments again, inviting you to (re-) read it and to

Live life the way it makes sense to you

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Other Beautiful Posts On WP and FB

Currently, I‚Äôm creating and publishing posts regarding¬†Connection¬†and a good way to connect can be social media. So many¬†Beautiful Souls¬†publishing amazing creations and helpful resources. It has been a while since my last¬†Other Beautiful Posts. Hereby, a few personal selections I believe worthwhile a visit. Click on the link, read the article, explore and connect ūüėČ


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