Acknowledge by supporting each other…

Supporting your neighbors doesn’t have to cost a lot money, time or energy. Although you should thrive the way you chose to and thus not have your choices depend on other’s opinions, we all like some kind of acknowledgement.

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Award update

February 18, 2017 I received the Versatile Blogger Award. Gary of FictionisFood was so kind to nominate me and again, humbled and honored. Although I have to be honest, versatility can be a burden: to many interests, to little hours in a day 😉 At the same time, acknowledgement is important and being awarded for versatility, that makes this woman blush.
Are you interested in the rules regarding this specific award, please visit Gary’s blog: [click].
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I am going to pass on this award to:

Emily of PoetGirlEm ~ a multi-talented artist. Mathias of HappyColorfulGrowth ~ Versatility just seems to fit him as a glove. David of DavidSnape&Friends ~ recently adding a new versatility to his already remarkable activities.  Remember dear beautiful souls, you don’t have to feel obligated to pass on this award too 😉


Although I, most of the times, don’t follow the rules towards the Awards,  I’m very touched and honored receiving these.

Acknowledging each other, so important!

Thank you! dear bloggers, but also dear readers and/or followers of my little space here at the internet, for keeping me inspired and provide me with beautiful learning material.