Mindset ~ Dare to Dream ! (Compilation)

With two more long dark days ahead, this compilation created earlier this year, might help Boost Your Soul. Although the year hasn’t ended yet, we can start counting down to Spring again. Soon, the daylight will lengthen again, which this woman of the Sun is always very happy about 🙂

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It all starts with a solid foundation

Without a solid base to be able to rely on, improving your Dreampack, or grow as a person, could be unnecessary challenging. Ensuring your basics are covered, will provide a solid foundation to build upon…

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Why I decided to become a Master Coach

Totally unexpected, Mother Nature treated us with one more week of Summer. Besides preparing our garden for wintertime, I now also have to water the plants again. This woman of the Sun just can’t complain 😉 In between, I have been researching and writing drafts. In addition, did some website maintenance and updated some articles here on my website. Like this one:

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That annoying recurring voice telling you to step back into the light…

Life can be harsh, people can be cruel, you get tired of all those positive mambo-jumbo and you don’t understand why people feel the need to be happy all the time. Traveling in the darkness suits your needs perfectly and you just want to be left alone. It doesn’t mean you’re lonely, it means you prefer solitude.

Deep down in that dark space you like to travel in, however, there is that annoying recurring voice telling you to step back into the light.

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*IMPORTANT: Are you going through major depression, diagnosed as bipolar
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However, I am a Master Coach and thus not a therapist.
Please take that difficult step and reach out to a psychologist, psychiatrist, or
counselor. They are just neighbors, like you and me, devoting their life to help you

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