Music – Soul Music

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Besides music being a mood booster, a way to Boost Your Soul, I also wanted to implement this Soul Music section on my virtual home, because music has always been a huge part of my own life. This week’s choice explains the why…[READ MORE]

Enjoy the song, enjoy the new week !

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Procrastination – ConnectLiveOthersYourself

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Procrastination. I think we all are guilty of it sometimes. Maybe, reading this, you are even disconnected, stuck, right now and not sure what next step to take. Let’s examine this week what might be holding you back, Connecting to Life, to Others, to Yourself. [READ MORE]

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What’s right for me may not be right for you!

You are and will remain responsible for your own health, your own well-being, your own environment.

When in doubt about your physical and / or mental health, about your life, about specific food choices… A doctor, specialist, dietitian, nutritionist, therapist, or other caregiver may remove your doubts.