Only you can create a meaningful life for yourself

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After a period of stressful moments and raw sadness and also a beautiful weekend of quality time with my husband, I started to focus on my personal vision of life in general again. Creating a meaningful life for yourself isn’t about being a happy camper all the time, it’s also about embracing the limitations. Death is part of life, loss of what matters to you happens to all of us. Whether it is a beloved one, a job, a friendship, or even a favorite product.


(plus introduction of our new furry friend!)

Our final holiday weekend, however… (My Dreampack)

Our final holiday weekend, however… Life decided to throw another roadblock on our path and we had to adjust all our plans for the last holiday week. Of course, when life does that, it is always for a reason. The way to go about such roadblocks, is totally up to us humans….