Short update and Other Beautiful Posts (June 2018)

The last couple of weeks I’ve been very busy studying, celebrating my birthday, enjoying and dancing at a music festival, getting my mouth prepared for dentures and taking care of my personal Dreampack. The end of this month is nearing, thus next week I will create a monthly update again. Today I am happy to announce…

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A Habit of Not Speaking Up (Re-blog)

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Gulara Vincent, PhD

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I’m lying on a yoga mat, relieved to finally catch a moment of stillness after a hectic week of travels, family reunion, and childcare, when the title of today’s post pops into my head:

‘A habit of not speaking up.’

It’s to do with a brief encounter a few days earlier, something that’s been bothering me ever since. As I lay still, I notice resistance surfacing. No, I can’t share that story because…. A string of objections comes up and I mentally wave at them like they are annoying flies. My stillness is gone and all I have left is that old habit of not speaking up.

It’s not a particularly dramatic story either. We were away in Turkey for a couple of days to meet my family (much easier than having them travel to England because of cost and visas). On the last…

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