Making the best of that what you can’t control

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Making the best of that what you can’t control, might seem easier said than done. Life can be harsh, people can be ignorant and cruel. Although we can control more than many of us seem to be are aware of, there are situations in life we do have to go with the flow. Do we?


Due to unforeseen circumstances, I will have to cancel all online meetings/events, aside from the 80% is Psychology Webinars, until mid September 2019. Thank you for understanding. As always, you can reach me via email.

When your own philosophies are tested…

When your own philosophies are tested, emotions as nervousness, frustration and fear could easily take control of your mind. Doubting everything you believe in, and thus stand for, could even lead to a total breakdown. Recently, this almost happened to me. Being a multidisciplinary guidance practitioner doesn’t make me less human; at times, I also need a listening ear and/or confirmation I am not crazy. Reassurance, I’m making the right choices.