Remember the promise – Soul Music

Remember the promise. You made to someone else or to yourself. Music is a mood booster, regardless the emotion(s) you go through. In addition, music can also help create new memories or be thought provoking. Today, I am sharing a song which, as always, means a lot to me and is a sweet reminder in various ways. [READ MORE]

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I am living a good life, why am I not happy?

I am living a good life, why am I not happy? A question many people seem to struggle with these days. A loving family surrounding you, close friends and enough resources to lead a prosperous life. Wonderful reasons to thrive, to be grateful for, yet burn-outs and even depression increase by the day.



Do you connect with the dark side?

Life Connection is more than the relationship between human beings. It is, to me, also about the connection with health, food, environment, emotions, etc. To be connected to Life, and with Life, I believe a realistic view is important. Well-being is reachable when we embrace both positives as limitations. Of events, of ourselves, of Life… [READ MORE]

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