I am living a good life, why am I not happy?

I am living a good life, why am I not happy? A question many people seem to struggle with these days. A loving family surrounding you, close friends and enough resources to lead a prosperous life. Wonderful reasons to thrive, to be grateful for, yet burn-outs and even depression increase by the day.



I think I am not that beautiful

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This morning I woke up, turned on the news at our television and watched the sad feelings I had over the last couple of weeks being confirmed. My first reaction I posted at Facebook:

zwarte-vlagIS, BREXIT, Extreme right increasing, and now Trump.
The world divided.
It feels like another black day in history.
Sadness in my heart and soul.

After doing some daily household chores, playing a little with our youngest dog, publishing a new challenge at The Strix Blog, preparing a new batch of healthy stock a question popped up into my head:

Why did we let this happen?

Sad and mad at the same time watching the increase of intolerance, racism, violence an old feeling awoke: wanting to just run away to an abandoned island and leave my neighbors at this globe suck it all up their selves. However, I am a Mimosa Pudica, my brain threads keeps on rolling and the next thought I had:

Am I kidding myself?

As long as I can remember I wanted to do something for our world. Help the globe heal, the creatures on it. Even this year I started a section at my blog ‘Beautiful Souls’ to show the world, there are still beautiful souls among us. We humans aren’t all at war, discriminating, hurting each other. There a still people who care for the neighbor next to them, regardless their believes, opinions.

I think I am not that beautiful.

People who are voting for, in my eyes, extreme right persons. People who discriminate. People who turn to senseless violence. Hence, even my own mother who thinks it is ok to hurt me to my core and not even apologize for it. They are all not welcome in my home, my Dreampack.
How can we ever unite, let love conquer, create a better world with people like these in it? Maybe I am not that beautiful too, since I closed the door for those people.

Since I stopped hearing their voices. Stopped listening to their feelings.

So much easier to just tell myself those people are idiots, just plain evil and not worthy of my time. However, isn’t that exactly why we are, were we are today? In stead of showing these people the door, telling them they are crazy, shouldn’t we start listening? Hearing why they are so mad, sad, unsatisfied? Why they want to hurt you and me?

We don’t have to agree with one and another. We should stay open to different opinions and feelings. I tell you my readers this all the time. Maybe I start following my own advice again tomorrow. For today,

I think I am not that beautiful…

N.B. I’m a Dutch soul, living in Germany, therefore my English will not be perfect 😉