From words into wars of the worlds…


Ever since I heard this sentence in a Nightwish song, it has been lingering in my mind. Throughout history, religion and politics have been a major cause of battles between people. Still is. These days, the choice of lifestyle is another reason for turning words into wars of the worlds…[READ MORE]

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World peace without loss of individuality, possible?

Almost six years ago, I wrote an article in Dutch, in 2017 I’d translated it into English. The comments then where hopeful. Unfortunately, even with all the wonderful initiatives increasing… hatred, terrorism, still very alive too 😦  Due to recent events at our globe, I feel the need to re-publish this again. Share your thoughts (again) and tell me; are you striving for peace? Local, regional, national, or on a global scale? [READ MORE]

World peace without loss of individuality, possible?

Almost four years ago, I wrote an article in Dutch and with current events at our globe…I translated it: curious to your thoughts, my dear neighbors at this globe.


The idealist in me would like to live at a globe with peace all over. A world in which people don’t purposefully (or should I say consciously) hurt each other, cause pain, destroy one and another.
The cynic in me wonders: can it become a reality at all?

Created by (a) God, evolved out of apes, fallen down from space… Whatever theory is the truth for you, at one point in time human beings walked around our globe for the very first time. These people lived at a small part of our planet and somehow managed to survive. To me it seems, they had to reproduce themselves amongst each other. Thinking of that, it brings a completely different perspective towards incest: we are actually one large family. Anyway, I deviate…
At a certain point in time a part of this group of people came up with the idea, there could be more chance to survive at land further ahead, so they left. In my opinion this process repeated several times and the whole world was at peace. And then something went wrong.

Instead of groups of people letting each other just be, each group at their own piece of the globe, there was one group (maybe several groups) who decided to claim the part of another group. Was that decision originated from the urge to survive? Did back then already people exist, who were turned on by power? Did humans, ages ago, already started this ongoing fight about which way of living is the right way?

What was it, during those days, that made people decide to hurt each other, cause pain, destroy one and another?

To me that had to be about the individual part inside each human being. Up to the present day, there have always been people more curious then others, people quicker to be unsatisfied, those who are eager to retrieve all the power/control. In addition, I really believe each one of us possesses all thinkable characteristics/qualities you can come up with: caring, nice, spontaneous, curious, inquisitive, clueless, jealous, bright, sad, controlling, social. Name it; it is inside all of us.
The place you were born, the way you were raised, your experiences in this world, your physical well-being, your mental ability (I think I covered the most important ones) influence which characteristics and qualities develop and upon which one you will or will not act.

We human beings are unique as a breed, however also unique within that breed: which to me is a good thing, since just survive is no longer enough for us, hence, I think we would extinct without for instance curious people. The question remains: is it possible to ever retrieve a world again, in which groups of people exist, each at their own part of this globe, letting each other be, to live in peace: world-peace.

Is it a possibility with all these various individuals? We like to place each other in boxes and we could divide the world and spread those boxes, give each box a separate piece of the earth. But then I wonder, can we be divided in boxes in the first place? I don’t fit in the box for gays, I do fit in the box for straight (struggling with these words, straight, gay, hetero sexual…jeeeeez..we are all humans anyway…). However, if in that box for hetero sexuals also racists are placed in, then I don’t fit. A hetero-democratic box then. But I am not sure, if I am a die-hard democratic either.  I think I descend from a curious caveman, who also was the first to think ‘if you think you can destroy me, I will beat you to it’.

We humans are too much of an individual to get everyone aligned, with all our noses in the same direction. There aren’t only hetero sexuals , gays, black, white, rich, poor, democrats, republicans, lovely people, psychopaths, nerds, clowns…
Back to nature, gain money, against animal cruelty. There will always be an overlap, just like there will always be differences.

Although the world keeps changing, the earth with its environment and creatures on it, the individuality of people won’t. The past reveals time and time again, it is just not possible to get all our noses in the same direction. The present hasn’t changed that much, so far.

Is it a solution to put all ‘idiots’ together at one large island, bomb it and done? Without for instance Hitler, we wouldn’t even know, what we definitely never want again. No, I don’t (never will) understand it either, however there are still people out there today, who would still embrace Hitler. Do we keep sending them to such an island? Aren’t we Hitler’s ourselves then? Aren’t we already, thinking of what many of us would like to do with for instance the leader of North-Korea.

Ai. Oh dear. Hm.

Should we then give up our individuality for the purpose of world-peace? Or could the answer be to accept one and another as the individual each of us is? With that acceptance, the knowledge we posses and all we’ve accomplished so far and then go back to the same sphere at the time the first humans started to explore: live and let live?

The cynic in me thinks: I won’t be around long enough, to see this becoming a reality.
The idealist in me keeps hoping for acceptance, for world-peace.

Without the loss of individuality.

N.B. I’m a Dutch soul, living in Germany, therefore my English will not be perfect 😉