Feminism isn’t only a ‘women thing’.

In my opinion, it is not only the responsibility of leaders (political, financial, corporate, etc.) to educate themselves, but also our responsibility too… you and me, as neighbors living on our globe together. The saying “knowledge is power” can be used in a good way. Educating yourself about the views of your neighbor, will lead to more understanding, tolerance and even though you might not agree with other views, I strongly believe this will increase compassion and kindness towards each other. [READ MORE]

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So far, so good our summer break of 2019

So far, so good our summer break of 2019. Especially regarding the relaxing part: watched a couple of series, played with Joy and not having to get up at 6 am does increase our holiday-spirit. However, relaxing time doesn’t mean being mindless over here at our Dreampack…[READ MORE]


Do not forget that our neighbors should not be forgotten

My grandparents went through WWII, my parents were born within the decade afterwards, however 2018’s generation will have no connection to that specific war. Unfortunately, children these days have to be taught not only about past wars, but about current wars. It got me wondering; where we humans always at war?

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