EmotionsofLife & Mimosa Pudica ~ Extinction

As always inspiring to create together with you my dear friend M.

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When you need to get rid of others out of your soul

Opinions. Belief-systems. Values. Norms. Cultures. We all have them, or are part of them. Readers who have been following me for a while, know I have specific ones. The older I get, the more I study and read to gain knowledge about belief-systems and the opinions, values, norms, cultures of my neighbors…

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Back to daily routine, Woop Woop :-)

After three weeks of relaxing, finishing projects around our farmhouse, helping family moving, and many other activities (which I will post over later this week), today we started our daily routine again. Meaning, my hubby went back to work again and I am blogging, coaching, taking care of our dog, farmhouse, creating illustrations, etc., etc., again.

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