It’s just a game. Is it?

When shocking, violent events occur, my heart goes out to both the victims as the perpetrator(s). Hurt people hurt people. An article I wrote three years ago came to my mind, while I played a board-game with my husband recently. The game is about trying to concur the other persons flag and I like this came due to strategic thinking necessary. It also is a way to keep practicing my memory. However, it involves attacking the other persons army. Hmm. I try not to be a hypocrite.

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The future of my virtual home

The future of my virtual home

The future of my virtual home is going to change slightly. Gaining knowledge and growing on a personal level is an ongoing process. The last two to three years or so, I have been focusing on enrolling in, to me, intriguing courses and workshops. Pursuing to fulfill one of my personal dreams, to become a multi-disciplinary guidance practitioner, led me along an amazing road… [READ MORE]