Learn to increase your Awareness Intelligence

Learn to increase your Awareness Intelligence is the empowering new concept of Mathias Sager. As my regular readers know, I truly believe When Souls Connect meaningful connections can be built. In addition, great collaborations are possible. I am very excited about a project Mathias and myself are providing, as of August 1, 2019.

80% is Psychology​

Through blogging, I started to connect with Mathias about three years ago. Reading each others articles, gaining new perspectives and challenging each other led to a meaningful connection. We both have studied social pedagogy in the past and also psychology is a common interest. Our mutual personal mission to become better as human being AND contribute to the world we all live upon, resulted in providing a series of webinars:

80% is Psychology

Onsite and Online

This thoughtful inspiring man has worked very hard to create amazing onsite and online courses. The onsite courses will be provided in Pune, India. Having read and studied the materials Mathias shares at his blog and taken the course Developing Leadership Skills, I suggested to create online webinars. Very pleased to be able to announce that I will be co-facilitating these and you, my dear readers, get the opportunity to learn, exchange your perspectives and become (more) Awareness Intelligent.

Watch this video of a recent conversation we had about these upcoming online WEBINARS:

Join one or more webinars

In total we will provide three courses, each include 6 webinars. Of course we would be very grateful if you could join all 18, however, it is possible to participate in just one or two. Although Mathias will provide materials based on his 80% is Psychology and Awareness Intelligence concepts, each webinar will be an interactive event: Giving you the chance to ask questions, share your perspectives and participate in meaningful discussions.

Sign up TODAY

These webinars are for increased individual and collective meaning, success, well-being and satisfaction. Are you living your maximum and best self, being and enjoying who your really want to be?


Looking forward to learn and grow together!

A personal request to my dear readers: 
Could you please be so kind to share this post and help us raise awareness for this project? Many thanks in advance!