Adapting to a new (temporary) normal

Adapting to a (temporary) new normal. Well, at least I hope the current worldwide crisis will be temporary. Life continues. Spring arrived, household chores need taken care of, birthdays, loss of beloved ones (unrelated to corona), gardening, sleep, eat, etc. On top of that, depending on the country one resides, adjusting to all kind of new rules and restrictions. Feelings of anxiety and even fear might rise…[READ MORE]

About priorities

Lately I’m struggling with priorities again. I created my lists; things I must do, things I want to do, but I found myself not following my own lists. I want it all, only have two hands and a day has only 24 hours, so I can’t have it all. 😉

I decided to quit my involvement at MyTrendingStories. So far it hasn’t been, what I expected; it’s a relatively new concept and it is a good concept, if you are writing to get a large audience.
Very time consuming and not my main goal to reach a lot of readers. Don’t get me wrong: I love! that little + , informing me, another person decided to follow me. At the same time I like to interact with my followers and I want to follow them too. Gulara reminded me, again, without her even knowing it, to stay true to yourself.

So, since I’m not able to follow everybody frequently, this creature needs her sleep 😉 , I’m going to share the blogs of you beautiful blogging souls out there at my page for beautiful souls. Daisy Willows, another beautiful soul, inspired me to do so via her SHOUTOUTS 🙂

Twice a month I collaborate with the Strix, my lovely new family and we have some new great plans too.

I have a big list of topics I still would like to write about and a new concept in the way I want to share my brain-threads with you. Well the concept itself isn’t new actually, since its almost impossible to invent a new wheel. There has been written and published so much already: lyrics, poems, songs, articles, etc. Which reminds me of another issue I need to address.

There are people out there, who don’t understand why people feel the need to share their opinions on the Internet. Be it @ WordPress, @ Facebook, @ Twitter or other social media options. You know who you are and I have something to say about that: “By sharing you don’t understand that, you’re doing exactly the same. ” 😉

Anyway, back to me, since it’s my blog 😛
My website Dreampack is still very important to me, I need to free up time to write for that too.
In addition I just LOVED the guest-blogs from Daal and mySestina , another beautiful soul is working on her version as we speak and I intend to reach out to more bloggers to share their view about Dreampack. If you’re reading this and want to contribute, please feel free to contact me!

Also thinking of taking up one of the challenges from WordPress but maybe I postpone that to wintertime.

I think I have enough on my plate with above mentioned items and that is just for the writing part of this little creature. Since life is about more then writing…
Well, for me it is 😉