Resources – Self Love Coach Allison Knier-Sondag

Whether you’re stuck, feel overwhelmed or any other reason prohibiting you from mastering your life, there is always someone who is able to guide you in finding your own answers. A person, just like you, able to help you reach your goals.

Watch the introduction of Allison Knier-Sondag and  our dialogue about self-love and how this is related to health/nutrition. :

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Let’s talk about Self-Love (Boost Your Soul)

Timezones…it’s so confusing…going live at 21.00 hours Central European Time, 4pm EST, 3pm in Barbados 🇧🇧 and 8pm GMT. Still hope to see you all !

Let’s talk about Self-Love

Last year, I participated in challenge about Self-Love
for one of my dear (online) friends Katherin.
I answered this to Katherin’s question
How do you love yourSELF ?’

A lot of personal growth since then, but these are still
part of my core principles. We can control more
than you might realize and taking good care of yourself is crucial
to be able to Boost Your Soul.


February 26, 2019 at 20.00 hours (Central European Time)
I am ‘going live’ on Facebook.
The lovely and energetic Kileha Holder, a life coach,
invited me to join her during a live-streaming to talk about Self-Love.

Come join us and let’s talk about Self-Love.
When Souls Connect souls will boost 😉

See you there?!