It all starts with a solid foundation

Without a solid base to be able to rely on, improving your Dreampack, or grow as a person, could be unnecessary challenging. Ensuring your basics are covered, will provide a solid foundation to build upon…

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Back to daily routine, Woop Woop :-)

After three weeks of relaxing, finishing projects around our farmhouse, helping family moving, and many other activities (which I will post over later this week), today we started our daily routine again. Meaning, my hubby went back to work again and I am blogging, coaching, taking care of our dog, farmhouse, creating illustrations, etc., etc., again.

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Guidance to help create your Dreampack

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Is it an age thing, are my changing hormones playing up again, or is it some kind of natural process? Has the change of seasons something to do with it? What is the reason, I drive myself crazy at times and I seem to have lost my passion for anything at all and I end up doing either too many things half/half or nothing at all?

I hope you all enjoyed reading today’s chatter 🙂

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